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Choose Service Giant Cape Town for a bespoke Pest Management solution. Rodent & Insect Fumigation’s tailored to suite your needs. Cape Town Pest Control are industry leaders in everything Structural Pest Control related.


Cape Town Pest Control have a team of fully qualified and seasoned staff. Service Giant are your industry leaders in Pest extermination

Rest assured that all our staff are seasoned professionals that are registered with the department of agriculture.


Cape Town Pest Control provide targeted treatments that are tailored to suit your needs, Service Giant are the Pest Specialists in the Cape

Targeted treatments mean safer, more effective Pest Management without any negative impact on our environment.


Cape Town Pest Control dont use toxic fumigants, no bad smells and no unpacking. A service uniquly yours by Service Giant

All our pesticides are of the highest quality. They are non corrosive, leave no marks, staining or bad odor after we have left.


Cape Town Pest Control provide a guaranteed outcome to all our extermination services, this is proudly a Service Giant concept.

Resistance breaking chemical technology means that we guarantee results regardless of the species we are dealing with.